Monday, August 13, 2012

A Gift of 'American Gods'

 'American Gods' stands tall in its sexy leather bound majesty.

I received over the weekend, much to my delight, a most wonderful birthday gift - a leather bound edition of Neil Gaiman's American Gods! Who else but my loving fiance, Melody, could have procured such glorious thing?
    American Gods has been on my "to read" list for so long that I'm ashamed to disclose the full depth of my procrastination, and it's a wonder. Mr. Gaiman has done nothing but astonish since I first peeked into 'Preludes and Nocturnes' -  Sandman is a series that moved me entirely, and I hadn't had nearly as much fun with a novel as I did with The Graveyard Book. Fortunately for me, with the mass of rabid Neil Gaiman fans that I may sometimes call friends, I've managed to avoid the giving away of American Gods
    How, pray tell? I will never know. Clearly I was meant to read this book unspoiled...


  1. Excuse me, would you mind telling me if this version of "American Gods" is the revised one? Does it have Gaiman's introduction? How do you judge the quality of the book's paper? Thanks in advance for help ;).

  2. This book is actually a Barnes And Noble exclusive, which includes 'Anansi Boys' in addition to 'American Gods'. There is an introduction from Neil Gaiman, 'Caveat, and Warning For Travelers'; however, I can find no indication within the acknowledgment that it is a revision.

    The quality of the paper is excellent - it's thinner than most books and somewhat delicate, so I wouldn't recommend dogearing. The silver-leafed edges are most attractive, as well :)